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Power Tech

250kVA - 1500kVA


415V, 3PHASE, 0.8PF, 50HZ, 1500RPM


Engine by: CUMMINS

Output Ratings:
The following 3 phase ratings are available: 50HZ 415/240V; 400/230V; 380/220V; 230/115V; 220/110V

Heavy duty industrial diesel engine with power rating accordance to ISO3046, ISO8528 & DIN6271.

Electronic/Digital governor compliant to BS5514, Class A1. Mechanical governor for 100kVA and below.

Electrical System:
24 VDC electrical system. Energised to run solenoid type. Low Oil Pressure and High Water Temperature shutdown switches and senders fitted as standard for engine protection. 12 VDC system for 100kVA and below.



The most efficient model of alternator has been selected to match the performance of the engine and incorporate the following; scrren protected and drip-proof, self exciting, self regulating brushless alternator with fully interconnected damper windings, IC06 cooling system and sealed for life bearings. Twelve wire re-connectable windings provide a wide range of 3 phase voltages.

Insulation System:
Insulation class of the alternator is Class H. All windings are impregnated in either a triple dip thermo-setting moisture, oil and acid resisting polyester varnish or vacuum pressure impregnated with a special polyester resin. Heavy coat of anti-tracking varnish for additional protection against moisture and condensation.

Electrical Characteristics:
Electrical design in accordance with BS5000 Part99, IEC34-1, VDEO530, UTE5100, NEMA MG-122, CEMA, CSA22.2 AND AS1359

Automatic Voltage Regulator:
The fully sealed automatic voltage regulator maintains the voltage within the limits of +/-1.5% from no load to full load including cold to hot variations at nay power factor between 0.8 lagging and unity and inclusive of a speed variation of 4.0%. Nominal adjustment is by means of a trimmer incorporated in the AVR.

Radio Interference:
Suppression is in line with provisions of BS EN55081 AND VDE Class G.

Control System:
Skid base mounted Control Panel with manual/auto operation fabricated from sheet steel construction with vibratioon isolators.
Cooling Radiator:
Radiator and cooling fan complete with protection guards, designed to cool at the specified output, in air-on temperatures up to 50 de C. Coolant drain valve and Low Coolant level protection fitted as standard.
Engine Filtration System:
Sealed paper type dry air filters. Spin-on type fuel filters and turbo lube oil filter.
Exhaust System
Stainless steel exhaust bellows are offered as standard.
The Controller is electronic type based designed, automatic engine starting and stopping, automatic shutdown on fault condition, LED & LCD alarm indication, provides engine & alternator instrumentation and front panel configurable inputs output, alarms & timers. Electrical System:
24 VDC system with battery charging alternator, axial type starter motor. 12 VDC for 100kVA and below
Mounting Arrangement:

Base Frame: The complete engine coupled alternator set is mounted, as a whole, on a heavy duty fabricated, welded steel base frame. The base frame incorporates specially designed lifting eyes and apertures for either slings or fork lift operation.
General Arrangement:
The generator set is designed and constructed for installation in a weather-protected building. Various types of weather proof and sound attenuated enclosures are available as option
Circuit Breaker(Optional):
Three pole moulded case circuit breaker independently mounted on the base frame in a vibration isolated sheet steel box with adequate access for outgoing cables.
A full set of operation and maintenance manuals and circuit wiring diagrams.
The engine and alternator are directly coupled by means of an SAE flanges so that there is no possibility of misalignment after prolonged use. The engine flywheel is flexibly coupled to the alternator rotor and full guarantee no harmful vibration will occur in the assembly.
Factory Tests:
The generator set is loaded and tested before delivery. All protective devices, control functions are simulated and the generator and its systems checked, proved and passed for delivery. A test certificate is provided upon request.
Equipment Finish:
Primer on all equipment. Final coat to manufacturer's standard
Quality Standards:
The equipment meets the following standards: BS4999, BS5000, BS5514, IEC34, VDEO540, NAMAMG-122.
Anti Vibration Mounting Pads:
Anti-Vibration pads are fixed between engine/alternator feet and the base frame thus ensuring complete vibration isolation of the rotating assemblies.

Safety Guard
The fan, fan drive and battery charging alternator drive are fully guarded for personnel safety protection. A stone guard protects the radiator core from accidental damage.
Products Endorsement
All equipment is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from date of commissioning or 18 months from date of ex-work shipment, whichever occur first. Extended warranty terms are available, for detail please contact us

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