CPX 30-850 Refrigerant Dryer Series

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CPX provides quality air for high end equipment and process
The CPX dryer refrigerant circuit is designed as a whole and only uses components of high and reliable quality, supplied by globally recognized manufacturers.
Key benefits of CPX series
CPX 115
The robust structure of CPX refrigrant dryers ensures a safe installation independently of the environment. Its integrated electronic controller helps in monitoring the operations and dew point.

This series is integrated with highly efficient heat exchanger that safeguards the optimized cooling power and lowers the pressure drops. It also has a reliable timer drain with adjustable drain interval and discharge time.

Brand Chicago Pneumatic
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The CPX refrigerant dryers guarantee dry and qualitative compressed air which prolongs the lifetime of your equipment and ensures a superior production quality. Water vapour is eliminated, avoiding corrosion in your compressed air network and tools. All in all this lowers your maintenance costs and improves your overall production process for complete peace of mind.

Industrial grade refrigeration compressor and digital controller with PDP display

Energy efficiency
50% less energy consumption compared to shell and tube type dryers

Environment safety
Low (GWP) global warming potential and (ODP) ozone depletion potential

Key Specifications

Max. Pressure

188 – 232


30kg – 138kg





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