John Deere 7200A TerrainCut™ Trim Surrounds Mower

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Power starts with the engine, and the 7200A PrecisionCut™ Trim and Surrounds Mower has an abundance of power and performance with this FT4 solution. The 3-cylinder 24.7 hp (18.4-kW) at 3000 rpm diesel engine has a strong reputation for power and performance.


Brand John Deere
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Model JD7200A


The 7200A are Final Tier 4 compliant without sacrificing horsepower with featuring the exclusive Width On Demand system, right at the operator’s fingertips. Operators can change the width of cut on the go with the simple toggle of a switch with Reach Trimming System, which allows you to extend either the front left or front right deck 15 in. beyond the outside edge of the tire, allowing you to trim around bunkers and other areas.

  • Exclusive TechControl Display
  • Password protected operator settings
  • Increased traction drive system
  • Quick-Adjust cutting unit

Key Specifications

Engine type

3-cylinder, Indirect inject diesel

Max Horsepower hp (kW) /rpm

24.7 hp (18.4kW) @3000rpm


1.267 L (77.32 cu in.)

Mowing Speed

0-10 km/h

Traction drive

Gear pump

Cutting unit size, in.

3 reel cutting unit / Quick-Adjust 7 (QA7):26 in. or 30 in.

Machine dimensions

338cm (L) x 173cm (W) x 213.4 cm(H)

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