Customer’s background

Customer is one of the top leading commercial breweries in Cambodia with a forklift fleet size of 60+ units, all 4-wheeler Electric Counterbalance, with a number competitor in the fleet.

Due to customer’s business nature, most of the forklifts are running 24 hours with battery changing after every shift.

Making inroad with BX2

In Feb 2021, the 1st batch of BX2 (6 units 2.5ton) was delivered.

The 2 key advantages feedback by customer on BX2 vs competitor based on customer own trial:

1. Longer operating hours on BX2 vs Competitor

▪ At the end of every shift, BX2 has approximately 20% more battery power level remaining as compared to competitor units. This is evident that BX2 is more energy saving as compared to competitor and this also translates to money saving for customer, with lesser electricity need to fully charge the batteries.

2. It is easier and quicker to perform battery change operation on BX2 as compared to competitor

▪ BX2 with higher operator compartment space (approximately 80mm more), operators find it much easier, and it take shorter time to perform battery change on BX2 as compared to competitor. This in term also translates to significant cost saving to customer in terms of shorter down time.

Coupled with great sales effort and the above 2 key advantages, it was no surprise that another 5 more units of 2.5ton BX2 from customer in August 2021, and likely many more units to come in the future.

Source: MLAP