John Deere 1200A Bunker Field Rake

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The 1200A raising the hinged rear fiberglass cowling exposes the air-cooled, four-cycle, overhead valve engine. This engine features a powerful 401-cc-cc single-cylinder design, which generates 13.5 hp (10.1 kW)*

Brand John Deere
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Model JD1200A


Putting the finishing touches on a golf course bunker or a new-course construction project requires a delicate touch and excellent maneuverability. John Deere has two options that offer both: the gear-driven 1200A and the 1200 Hydro. Quiet, reliable, and comfortable for operators, these workhorses are relied on by courses all over the world.

  • Mechanical drive system
  • Less steering effort
  • Standard power lift
  • Adjustable seat

Key Specifications

Engine type

4-cycle, air cooled, gasoline

Max.horsepower hp/rpm

13.5 hp@3600rpm


401 cc (24.5 cu in.)

Traction drive

Belt-driven torque converter with Kanzaki gear driven transaxle

Rear-mounted 60-in. field finisher

Width( 60 in.) Length (14 in. )Weight (19.5 kg )




167cm (L) x 147cm (W) x 104cm (H)

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