John Deere Aercore 800

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The Aercore™ 800 is designed around simplicity, and that definitely applies to the ground-following system. In fact, it doesn’t need a ground-following system at all.

Brand John Deere
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John Deere Aerators employ a Flexi-Link design to ensure the tines stay perpendicular longer for a higher-quality hole –without sacrificing efficiency. Easily accessible belts power the systems instead of chains, making them quieter and easier to maintain. For fast, quality results, they deliver every time.

  • Innovative Flexi-Link system
  • Quiet operation
  • Easily adjust depth
  • Service made easy
  • Adjustable turf guards

Key Specifications

Max.horsepower hp (kW) /rpm

25 hp (18.6kW)@3600RPM

Lift system type

Electro-hydraulic, electric pump, single hydraulic actuator


725 cc (44.2 cu in.)

Attachments installed

Tines ; verticutter

Traction drive



Matched dual V-belts

Machine dimensions

213cm (L) x 147cm (W) x 111 cm(H)

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