John Deere HD200 SelectSpray™ Sprayer

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Featuring a 200 gallon capacity, the HD200 SelectSpray spray system is built around flexibility and control. Attach and detach in minutes, without tools.

Brand John Deere
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Model JDHD200


The John Deere SelectSpray™ Series are the only sprayers in the golf industry to offer the choice of centrifugal or diaphragm pump to meet specific applications or operator preference.

  • Integrated triple nozzle bodies
  • Breakaway booms
  • Easy leveling

Key Specifications


Welded steel


100 mesh, self-cleaning

Spray tank rated capacity

757 L 200 U.S. gal.

PTO Max flow

367 L/min 97 gpm

Diaphragm pump max flow

113.9 L/min 30.1 gpm

Boom Shutoff Valves


18-ft boom width (wings raised)

180 cm 71 in.

Mounting removal

Three pins, three electrical connectors, two hydraulic lines for easy removal with no tools

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