John Deere Golf & Turf A Series

TechControl display maximizes performance and uptime by allowing more control in operation and diagnostics

Brand John Deere
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Model JDA


The TechControl Display. Available on all our A Model Fairway, Rough, and Trim and Surrounds Mowers

  • Mow Speed – With the Mow Speed screen, you can set the mowing speed simply and quickly. Unlike a speed limiting system using a bolt, once the speed is locked in, it stays locked in.
  • Turn Speed – The Turn Speed screen lets you slow down a mower to a percentage of the mowing speed as the cutting units are lifted after a pass, greatly reducing scuffing.

  • Mow Engine Speed – The Mow Engine speed screen allows you to reduce the throttle settings when the PTO is engaged.

  • LoadMatch™ – The LoadMatch screen lets you manage the conditions in which you are mowing, as well as the terrain.

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