How to know if a VSD is the right pick?

The speed control of a compressor is regulated by a variable speed drive, often known as the VSD. This option uses the variable-speed drive technology to control the speed of the compressor based on what is being demanded from the compressor. 



With our VSD line-up, we have the combination you need to fit your business. Tank, base-mounted, full featured? We have what you need.

Save Energy & Money

Achieve average energy savings of 35-50% and an average 22-37% reduction in life-cycle cost.

What’s Right for your Business?

Customisation options include energy recovery to reduce energy bills and canopy heaters for low temperature installations.

Is a VSD right for me?

A variable speed compressor is not suitable for every application. VSD rotary screw compressors need to be ran in a location that is in need of 24/7 compressed air and has a changing demand on the amount of air needed. If your compressed air needs are constant, or even mostly constant with only occasional slight variations, a variable speed compressor may not be necessary. With variable speed drive air compressors, the unit makes adjustments to match the demand needed. The motor runs only at the speed you need, giving you the right amount of compressed air at the right pressure, and at the right time.

What are the advantages of a Variable Speed Drive System?

  • Reduced energy consumption (in the proper application)
  • Quieter than a fixed speed when running at a lower RPM
  • Consistent plant pressure
  • Increased component lifetime
  • Less maintenance cost and ease of maintenance
  • Low inrush current during motor starts
  • Compact total solutions available
  • May qualify got energy incentives

The inverter in the Variable Frequency Drive system performs a “soft” start operation by ramping up the motor speed. This removes amperage draw peaks that are normal when a fixed speed motor starts. The soft starting used by a VSD compressor also helps protect electrical and mechanical components from the starting mechanical stresses that can reduce the life of an air compressor.

A huge benefit to the energy efficient VSD is reducing power cost, minimising power surges and delivering a more constant pressure needed. When there is minimal demand, the drive runs slower using less electricity. The higher the demand, the VSD runs wide open and can operate anywhere in between depending on the system demand for air.

(Source : Chicago Pneumatic’s Expert Corner)