As more and more people take advantage of its versatility, the golf buggy market is growing. For decades, deep-cycle immersion lead-acid batteries have been the most cost-effective way to power electric golf carts. With the rise of lithium batteries in many high-power applications, many people are now looking for the advantages of LiFePO4 batteries in golf buggies.

So why switch to lithium? What makes lithium batteries better for golf buggies than traditional lead-acid batteries that have been used for decades? A battery is a battery, right? error! Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are absolutely amazing in every aspect. Although the price of a lithium golf buggy battery may be higher, it is totally worth it.

Here is our breakdown of the advantages of Lithium Golf Buggy Batteries over Lead Acid Batteries

Enjoy Longer Battery Life

Our battery is made of lithium iron phosphate chemical material, and the life expectancy is 3000-5000 cycles. On average, a high-quality lead-acid battery can last 100-300 cycles in a golf buggy. After 150 cycles, a lead-acid battery has less than half of its rated capacity, which means you get less than half of its new capacity. In the long run, you need to replace lead-acid up to 10 times to get the same cycle life as a group of lithium batteries.

Greater Voltage and Power Capacity

Compared with traditional lead batteries, BSLBATT lithium golf buggy batteries are able to withstand higher voltage levels. This can help your motor generate higher torque and optimize the efficiency of your electronics. For lead-acid batteries, stepping on the pedal will reduce the voltage to less than 10V, which will reduce the efficiency of the controller and reduce the power of the motor, thereby reducing torque. It turns out that the BSLBATT battery improves the acceleration and top speed of the golf buggy. You will enjoy a more powerful riding experience when your buggy is climbing and throughout the charging cycle (with a 100% discharge depth). On the other hand, lead-acid batteries can only consume 50% of the electricity.

Lose Weight

BSLBATT lithium batteries are about 70% lighter than lead batteries. A typical 48V golf buggy weighs about 500 pounds. Lead-acid batteries. Switching to lithium will reduce over 300 pounds. get off. This will reduce the energy required to speed up your shopping cart and help reduce shopping cart controllers, motors, suspension, frames and tires.

Battery Charging Speed

Whether you use a lead-acid battery or a lithium battery, any electric car or golf buggy faces the same flaw: it must be charged. Charging takes time, and unless you happen to have a second buggy, this time will take you out of the game for a while. A good golf cart needs consistent strength and speed on any course terrain. Lithium batteries can solve this problem without problems, but lead-acid batteries will reduce the speed of the trolley when the voltage drops. In addition, after the power is dissipated, it takes about 8 hours for a normal lead-acid battery to be fully charged. Lithium batteries can be charged to 80% of capacity in about an hour and fully charged in less than three hours.

In addition, partially charged lead-acid batteries are subject to sulfate damage, which greatly shortens their service life. On the other hand, lithium batteries have no adverse effect on batteries that are less than fully charged, so they can charge the golf buggy into the station during lunch.

No Memory

Our lithium battery has no memory and can be charged in the following locations at any time whether you have walked 500 feet or 50 miles. In order to make the most of the life of lead batteries, it is recommended to use the recommended depth of discharge before each charge.

Maintenance-Free Lithium Golf Buggy Battery

The battery requires no maintenance. No longer filled with water. No more corrosion. This is a huge selling point for those who use golf buggies for commercial purposes (hotels, concert venues, etc.) Switching to lithium means you no longer need to maintain your golf cart battery. Just charge and you can start!

Fees FAQ

Our batteries can be recharged using the standard charger that came with your shopping cart, but we recommend that you purchase a lithium-ion battery charger for maximum performance and long life. Li-ion battery charger

Plug and Play

Just take out the lead-acid battery, depending on whether you are using a 36V or 48V golf buggy, insert 3 or 4 lithium batteries, connect the lithium battery with an existing cable, open the key and step on the pedal to start walking!


No. Super easy! Lithium batteries are actually a direct replacement for old lead-acid batteries. To install the lithium battery for golf buggy, just remove the lead-acid battery, replace it with a 12V lithium battery, reconnect the cables, and fix the fixing bracket to complete the installation.

When using lithium batteries, you will need less total battery to reach the same charge as the shopping cart … so there may be extra space under your seat after installation. If this bothers your OCD party, you can order some cheap battery blanks from us to fill the extra space.


If you already need to replace the battery, the simple answer is: Yes, Absolutely Yes !!

However, if your current battery works, no emergency switching is required. But there are many benefits to switching. Therefore, we recommend that you weigh the benefits of lithium above to determine whether it is worth replacing them with lead-acid batteries.


Yes. LifePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) is one of the safest battery chemicals. All the brands we operate on our website produce batteries, and each battery has a battery management system to detect battery performance issues and shut down all non-functioning batteries. The battery management system will also protect the battery from overcharging or undercharging.


This is not to say that lead-acid golf buggy batteries do not work well and have been used for a long time. We just see that these batteries will be phased out in the next few years as battery technology continues to evolve and progress each year, and as major car manufacturers keep away from fossil fuels.

If you are interested in switching golf carts to lithium batteries, please consider buying our Lithium Battery. It is the only lithium golf buggy battery specifically designed to meet the power and energy requirements of all types of golf buggies. This is a plug-and-play alternative that is high quality from the inside out. BSLBATT batteries are specially designed and performance-designed, making them the best lithium battery options for golf buggies today.

(Source: BSLBatt’s Blog page)